My Brother's Wedding!

I was so happy to watch my brother get married this past weekend, seeing a single father and single mother, with three girls between them, officially become a family. I've never seen my brother so happy, and we are all thrilled with his choice!



Please Pardon the Dust!

I'm working on a new design around here, so please excuse the mess while I re-arrange! I'll catch everything up very soon... Stay tuned!


Baby L and Big Sister

This adorable little family allowed me to come to their home to capture their new addition's early days. He did not appreciate his first photoshoot, but eventually drifted off long enough to get a FEW sleepy shots (Clothes ON! No moving me around!)... but I ALWAYS love spending time with a newborn, no matter how cranky he may be!

Big Sister was very sweet with her new brother, and a super pro at posing for photos herself! She only stopped saying "Cheese!" long enough to get a breath. So cute!


Since April???

Has it really been that long since I've entered a blog? Shame on me!

Here's what I've been up to since April...


Second go at Little T's two-year-old portraits:


A beautiful rural wedding:


My nephew's introduction to Aunt-Crystal-Camera-Face:


A family wedding:


A fantastic fall afternoon with The Dragonfly Foundation (


A post-wedding "engagement" session:


A soggy family photoshoot:


And meanwhile, in my own life...


Got My Baby Smell Fix!

It had been almost 2 1/2 years since I photographed a newborn bundle of sweetness. I was begging everyone I knew to send their new-mom friends my way. I had Babysmell withdrawal in a bad way! I have a nephew due in August, but I wasn't sure I could survive that long! Finally, someone took pity on me. I got to spend Sunday afternoon with a bright-eyed, beautiful, very AWAKE 8 day old girl. Ahhhhhh. Newborn craving satisfied... for now.